Product Details

Brief Specifications

Display Type LCD with Dual Colour Backlight
Display Configuration 3 Lines of 4 Digits to Show Electrical Parameters
Input Type 3Ø - 4W, 3Ø - 3W, 2Ø - 2W, 1Ø - 2W
Frequency 45-65 Hz
CT Primary 1/5A to 9999A (Programmable for any Value)
CT Secondary 1 or 5 A (Programmable)
PT Primary 100V to 500kV AC (Programmable for any Value)
PT Secondary 100 to 500V AC (Programmable for any Value)
Accuracy Power Factor:±0.01, Voltage (L-N/L-L), Current: ±0.5% of full scale, Frequency – For L-N>20V, For L-L>35V: ±0.1% of full scale, Power (kW,kVA,kVAr), Energy (kWh,kVAh,kVArh): Class 1, Temperature : ±3° of full scale
Max Number of Steps 12/14* (FAN & ALARM Output Can be Used as 13th and 14th Step)
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU (RS485 Interface)
Supply Voltage 90 to 550V AC
Bezel Size 144 x 144mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount

Product Variants

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertificationPriceAction
APFC148-312-90/550V-CE90 to 550V ACCE, RoHS319.87 191.92