Selec USA is a subsidiary of Selec Controls, which is a pioneer in the field of electronics research and development. We have inbuilt core competencies in the domains of manufacturing, design, tooling, and plastic manufacturing complying with global standards. Selec has unique innovative solutions with an unabating focus on customer-centric problems. We have expanded our capabilities to accommodate a wide range of products in the portfolio incorporating the finest quality and service. Selec has an exemplary thought mechanism, which is centered around empathy and courage in our approach to propose smart solutions to our customers.Currently, we are a leading Indian company in the fields of Energy Management, Power Quality, Industrial Automation, Process Control, Solar, Electrical Protection & control. We are present globally with a wide network to support our customers at every step.

We listen; We understand & Go beyond boundaries to meet the specific needs!

Head Office

  • Spred Over 1000 sq.ft
  • Government recognized R & D center
  • 20 products domains of development
  • Leading Indian company in industrial Electronics areas of –1.Energy Management, 2.Power Quality, 3.Industrial Automation, 4.Process Control, 5.Solar, 6.Electrical Protection & control
  • Our products: Unique, high innovation, To global standards, and world leading innovations from time to time
  • Our customers: OEM and end use customers across all industries including the majority of leading names in industry
  • Our unique proposition: Providing the best value engineering solutions to meet every customer’s specific needs
  • Our Presence: We are present globally through a wide network with our team of Engineers.
  • Our Company Facility: Spread across 1.7 lakh square feet area

Design Facilities

  • Spred Over 20000 sq.ft
  • Government Recognized R & D Center
  • 20 Products Domains Of Development
  • Spread Over 15,000 sq. ft.
  • Government Recognized R & D Center with 300+ R & D staff
  • In-house Product Design & Development Capabilities
  • 20 Products Domains of Development
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory Testing for EMI, EMC, LVD & Safety as per CE Standards
  • AC/DC Power Testing Including DVT Reliability Testing


  • Spread Over 75.000 sq. ft.
  • 14 SMT lines, 5 Waves Soldering Lines
  • Capacity: 4 million products per year
  • Assembly & Automated testing

Plastic & Die Manufacturing

  • Injection Moulding Plants, 27 moulding machines
  • 30 million parts per year
  • Post operation
    • Welding
    • Laser marking
    • Printing
  • Injection Moulding Plants, 27 moulding machines
  • 30 million parts per year
  • Post operation: Welding, Laser marking, Printing
  • Tool Room With Latest Automated Machines
  • Tool Room Capacity: Up to 160 Tools Per Year
  • Jig Shop capacity: Up to 750 New Jigs Per Year




Selec Germany

Selec GmbH: Mollwitzstrasse 2, D-14059, Berlin, Germany

+49 3030111870

Selec Australia

Selec Controls Australia Pty Ltd., SE 2 L3 261 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia