Brief Specifications

Display TypeLED Display/LCD Display
Supply Voltage230VAC/24VDC
Size70(W) x 90(H) x 66.4(D)mm
Digital Inputs10+1* / 12
Analog Inputs1 V(0-10V) + As per IO Card Selection
Digital Outputs4 relay + As per IO card selection
Analog OutputsAs per IO Card Selection
No. of Slots6
RTC With Time Switch FunctionYes
Code Memory240Kb
Communication InterfaceRS485 Modbus RTU Protocol (Master - Slave ), Ethernet (Slave), USB , CAN
Expansionvia modbus RTU RS485
Mounting TypeDin Rail
FI / Maximum Counting Frequency 1( 5kHz) / 2( 5kHz)

Product Variants

Product CodeDescriptionCertification
MiBRX-6M-1-1-1-230VMiBRX 6M PS - 6 Slots, 10+1* DI, (incl 1FI, 1AI-V) + 4RO, NTC, RTC, Master CE, RoHS
MIBRX-6M-2-1-1-0-1-24VDCMiBRX 6M Base module - 6 Slots, 11DI, 24V Power supply with Isolation, Master, Ethernet & RTCCE, RoHS

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