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Cookies Policy

We understand how important your privacy is to you. We are committed to protect any personally identifiable information that is shared with us and have put in place mechanisms to improve transparency in how this data is collected, stored and used. This Cookie policy details how cookies are collected, where they are stored and why they are processed, when you visit our website or use our application. It is to be noted that this cookie policy should be understood in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.


A cookie works as a minor data component that a website can pass on to your browser. It will get stored on the hard drive and will be known when you come again to the website. So, when you register online with any of our services and solutions, it shows your positive consensus to receive cookies.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is most commonly used to track user communication. This data helps us to know the details about visitors on our website, what they are searching for, which web pages they are focusing on and their entire roadmap to the website. This technology records user information such as your geolocation, device, browser, OS, IP address etc. but none of this information is passed on to us. As a third-party data processor, Google Analytics utilizes the cookies for further action.

Website Cookies

Data obtained through cookies and other technical tools is not personal information. But as a part of the privacy policy, we treat this, and data related to IP addresses etc. as personal information only. For e.g., we makes use of cookies that capture the date of your last visit. It would have a 1-year lifespan and will be deleted 1 year after your last visit to the site.

Internet-Based Promotions

With the help of Google-based sites and other associated ones, we offer internet-based promotions based on the data that you give when you interrelate with our sites and services. These personalized advertisements are shown to you as you visit our web pages. Our usage of cookies helps us to understand what advertisements are seen and clicked by you and what further action is taken on them. We do not reveal any personal information about you to any advertising agency or third-party site. Sometimes, these third-parties may offer your personal information from other sources for better advertising. They make use of cookies to find out the efficiency of their ads and personalize it to make it better. We have no control over these cookies and the privacy policies of these third-party sites do not fall under over purview. Pl, interact with them directly for further information regarding these policies.

Is there any way I can evade the usage of cookies on the site?

When you are visiting the website for the first time, there will be a notification at the bottom that will give you information about our cookies policy. You can still avoid the cookies by disabling them from the browser settings.

Is there any way I can delete cookies?

Through browser settings, you can delete cookies. There will be further help available in the browser settings.


We use Cookies to improve your experience on our website, by tracking your activity on the site to identify your preferences and interests. The cookies are also used for general web administration and for analysis of statistical usage and preference patterns on our website and application.

Technical Purpose:

These constitute session cookies, that is cookies that are temporarily stored during your session and are deleted automatically the moment the browser is closed. These cookies help our website track and recollect any past action of yours within the current browsing session and keep our website secure.

Analysis of Website Use and Utilization:

These include permanent and third-party cookies as described above. These cookies are placed on our website to help us analyze how much web traffic is coming to each page, what are the most and least visited sections, etc. These give us insights into how our website is performing and what needs to be changed to enhance the user experience. Third-party cookies used for analysis to gauge site use include – Google Analytics, LiveChat, Act-on, etc.

Web Personalization:

Primary purpose is to collect data about your past activity, preferences and interests to personalize what you view on our website on your next visit.

How can I withdraw my Cookie Consent?

Cookies can be dropped from your device by changing your browser settings. There are options to block or specific Cookies or be notified when a cookie is being placed on your device. You also have the option, under settings of your browser, to delete the cookies placed in your device at any time. Your cookie information for personalization will only be tracked if you agree to the footer note asking for your consent to our cookie policy. This site contains links to other sites. we is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.

Data Security

We adopt reasonable and appropriate security procedures and practices including administrative, physical, technological controls to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alternation or destruction.