RSS-TD1A140ZP: DC Input AC Output 40A Solid State Relay : Selec

Brief Specifications

Control Input Voltage4 to 32V DC
Load Output Voltage24 to 330V / 48 to 480V AC
Max Load Current40A
Contact Configuration1 NO
Output DeviceTRIAC
Weight88.7 gm

Product Variants

Product CodeCurrent RatingInput VoltageOutput VoltageLoad TypeCertification
RSS-TD1A140ZP40A4 to 32V DC 24 to 330V ACResistive CE
RSS-TD1A240ZP40A4 to 32V DC 48 to 480V ACResistive CE
RSS-TD1A240ZPL 40A4 to 32V DC48 to 480V ACResistive + Inductive load CE