Brief Specifications

Display Type7 Segment LED
Display Configuration1 Line 4 Digits to show Power Factor
Input Type2Ø - 2W, 1Ø - 2W
Frequency45-65 Hz
Measurement RangePower Factor: 0.8 to -0.8
CT Primary1/5A to 9999A (Programmable for any Value)
CT Secondary1 or 5 A (Programmable)
AccuracyPower Factor: ±0.01
Max Number of Steps8
Communication ProtocolNA
Supply Voltage85 to 270V AC
Bezel Size96 x 96mm
Mounting TypePanel Mount

Product Variants

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertification
APFC347-108-230V-CE85 to 270V ACCE
APFC347-108-230V85 to 270V AC---

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