Brief Specifications

Display TypeLCD Display
Supply Voltage230VAC/24VDC
Size96(W) x 96(H) x 99.1(D)mm
Digital Inputs3+1*/5+1*
Analog Inputs1 V(0-10V) + As per IO Card Selection / 2 [1-V(0-10V)/1-I(0-20mA)] + As per IO Card Selection
Digital OutputsAs per IO Card Selection
Analog OutputsAs per IO Card Selection
No. of Slots6
RTC With Time Switch FunctionYes
Code Memory240Kb
Communication InterfaceRS485 Modbus RTU Protocol (Master - Slave )
Mounting TypePanel Mount
FI / Maximum Counting Frequency 1( 5kHz)

Product Variants

Product CodeDescriptionCertification
MiBRX-96-1-1-24VDCMiBRX 96x96 PS - 6 slots, 5+1* DI (incl 1FI, 1AI-V), 1AI-I, NTC, RTC, MasterCE RoHS
MiBRX-96-1-0-230VMiBRX 96x96 PS - 6 slots, 3+1* DI (incl 1FI, 1AI-V), NTC, MasterCE RoHS
MiBRX-96-1-1-230VMiBRX 96x96 PS - 6 slots, 4+1* DI (incl 1FI, 1AI-V), NTC, RTC, MasterCE RoHS
MiBRX-96-1-0-24VDCMiBRX 96x96 PS – 6 Slots, 6DI(incl 1FI, 1AI-V),1AI-I,NTC,MasterCE RoHS
MiBRX-DSP-96-8-4-16-B MiBRX Display 96x96 - LCD (16x4) CE RoHS

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