Product series
Analog Earth Leakage Relay

ELR provides protection against accidental electric shock thus saving human life. Available in size of 1M, 2M. Settable between 30mA and 30A and ensures tripping within 50msec.

Digital Earth Leakage Relay

Digital ELR not just protects but also warns user of any leakage current that could harm humans. It incorporates 2 relays, wherein 1 of the relay could be programmed to give advance alarm.

Earth Leakage Relay With Inbuilt CBCT

ELCTR designed to save your space by incorporating CBCT inside the ELR. This helps to save minimum 30% space in your panel. It has fixed sensitivity of 30mA and 300mA.

Core Balance Current Transformer

CBCT are designed to measure sensitive current in the range of mA. Different sizes available are 35mm, 70mm, 120mm, 210mm, 310mm.