Brief Specifications

Display Type7 Segment LED
Display Configuration3+3 Digits
Relay Contact2 C/O SPDT
FeatureMemory Retention
Range9.99/99.9 / 999sec, 9.59 minsec, 99.9 / 999min, 9.59hr : min, 99.9 / 999 hr
Operating ModesON Delay / Interval / Cyclic ON First / Cyclic OFF First
ResetFront, Remote, Power Interruption
Counting DirectionDown
Supply Voltage85 to 270V AC , 24V AC / DC
Size96 x 96mm
Mounting TypePanel Mount

Product Variants

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertificationPriceAction
XT34685 to 270V ACCE64.33 38.60


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