Tape Wound Current Transformers ,Terminal Output [TWCT]

Features Terminal Output
Rated Primary Rating 30 to 1600A
Rated Secondary Output 5A
Rated Burden 1.5 /5/10VA
Accuracy 0.5/1/5
Operating Frequency AC 50Hz / 60Hz
System Voltage 720V Maximum

Product CodeWire ApertureCurrent RatioBurden in VAAccuracy Class
TWCT-T-D35DIA 3530A to 150A1.5/51/5
TWCT-T-D55DIA 55150A to 400A51
TWCT-T-D65DIA 65500A to 600A51
TWCT-T-D110DIA 110800A to 1000100.5
TWCT-T-D120DIA 1201000A to 1600A100.5

TWCT Datasheet

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