0 to 300V,500V,600V Measurement, Size : 72 x 72mm [AM-V-2]

Pointer Knife Edge Pointer
Pointer Deflection0 to 90 Degree
Scale CharacteristicsNon Linear Scale
Measuring Voltage Range
0 to 300V,500V,600V
AccuracyClass 1.5
CertificationCE, RoHS

Product CodeMeasuring RangeCertification
AM-V-2-600V0 to 600V--
AM-V-2-L-CE-RoHS0 to 500VCE
AM-V-2-N-CE-RoHS0 to 300VCE
AM-V-2-600V-CE-RoHS0 to 600VCE
AM-V-2-N0 to 300V--
AM-V-2-L0 to 500V--

AM-V-2 Datasheet

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