1Ø-Digital Current Protection Relay, Auxillary Supply [900CPR-1-BL-U]

Measuring Parameter Under Current & Over Current
Electrical Connection 1Ø-2W
Display 3 Digits Liquid Crystal Display With Backlight
CT Setting CT Primary: 1A / 5A – 999A, CT Secondary: 1A / 5A (selectable)
Time Ranges Power ON Delay: 0.5–99.9sec, Trip Time Delay: 0–99.9sec,
Recovery Time Delay: 0–99.9sec (In Auto Reset Mode), Response Time: <200ms
Accuracy Current: ±1% of Setting ± 2 digits, Time Setting Accuracy: ±5% of Setting ± 200ms
Output Contact 2 X 1 C/O (SPDT)
Output Rating NO: 5A@250V AC, NC: 3A@250V AC
Supply Voltage 85 to 270V AC / DC
Size 35mm
Certification CE

Product CodeSupply VoltageCertification
900CPR-1-BL-U-CE85 to 270V AC/DCCE

900CPR-1-BL-U Datasheet

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