Brief Specifications

AC Input Voltage RangeThree phase 415 V ; 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Control ModeV/F control, Sensorless vector control (SVC), Speed Sensor vector control (FVC)
Frequency Control Range0 Hz~5000 Hz
Acc./Dec. Time0.1 ~ 6000.0 Sec; four acceleration and deceleration time setting available
Overload Capacity150% rated current for 1 minute, 180% rated current for 3 seconds
Protection functionsOver current , over voltage , under voltage , overheating , overload , Input phase loss
Ingress ProtectionIP20(In the selection of state display unit or the keyboard state)
Working Temperature-10℃~+40℃, Humidity : <90%RH, no condensation, Altitude: Lower than 1000m

Product Variants

Product CodeDescriptionOutput CurrentCertification
FD9-3-010-C-CE3 Phase 415V, 1HP 0.75 KW2.5ACE
FD9-3-020-C-CE3 Phase 415V, 2HP 1.5 KW3.7ACE
FD9-3-030-C-CE3 Phase 415V, 3HP 2.2 KW5.1ACE
FD9-3-050-C-CE3 Phase 415V, 5HP 3.75 KW9ACE
FD9-3-075-C-CE3 Phase 415V, 7.5HP 5.5KW13ACE
FD9-3-100-C-CE3 Phase 415V, 10HP 7.5 KW17ACE


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